Town Incorporation of Massanutten


The research contained in this report was conducted by a group of concerned Massanutten citizens with a wealth of experience covering a broad range of expertise required to lend credibility to the feasibility study. All researchers have voluntarily served on one or more committees of the Massanutten Property Owners Association (MPOA). Four members of the group (shown with asterisks below) served on the MPOA Board of Directors. The principle investigator, Gene Hauze, has a BS in Physics with experience in operations research analysis, long range planning, systems analysis, project management, comprehensive planning, and zoning. He was appointed by the Rockingham County Supervisors to serve on the McGaheysville, Virginia Area Planning Committee. The other researchers and areas of expertise are as follows:

Planning and Analysis

  • Grover Jaeger* — BS in Mathematics with experience in planning, estimating and evaluation
  • Eric Rynar — BS in Systems Engineering with experience in business and systems analysis
  • Janet Lorette* — MS in Library Science with experience in information analysis and management

Business and Financial

  • Dick Lorette — PhD in Business with experience in operations research, planning, and acquisitions
  • Robert Bloomquist — BS in Business Administration with experience in operations, sales, and contracts
  • J.C. Powell — MBA with experience in financial planning and in economic analysis & valuation of assets
  • Barry Elwood — Retired U.S. Navy E-9 with experience in finance and retail operations

Accounting and Web Design

  • Sally Cureton* — MBA and is a Certified Public Accountant and former Certified Financial Planner
  • Lucy Powell — BS in Business Education with experience in accounting and finance
  • Olga Hauze — BA in Economics with experience in banking, accounting, and website development


  • Darrell Peck* — JD, LLM, MMS with additional experience in project and program analysis

Upon completion of the basic research and analysis, a Massanutten Town Study Group (MTSG) was formed to review the Feasibility Study Interim Report and ensure its accuracy, clarity and completeness. The MTSG was also formed to develop considerations related to incorporating Massanutten into a town. The MTSG consisted of four study researchers and four additional members of the community with the principle investigator as the MTSG facilitator. The four additional members of the community brought valuable experience and expertise to the study effort in the areas town operation, human resources, engineering, and contract management. The MTSG researchers included Grover Jaeger, Barry Elwood, Sally Cureton, and Lucy Powell. The MTSG community members included Trish Philon, Margaret King, Marty Wall, and Ed Bridges.

The researchers would especially like to thank all the public officials who supported the study by providing information and documentation. This includes officials in the VA Commission on Local Governments, VA Department of Transportation, Rockingham County Office of the Commissioner of Revenues, Rockingham County Office of Administration, Rockingham County Office of the Commonwealth Attorney and officials in all the local towns of Rockingham County. The researchers would like to thank those members of the MPOA Board of Directors who constructively contributed to the study and the MPOA Administrator and MPOA Police Chief for being responsive to requests for information. Additionally, the researchers would like to thank many citizens in the community for providing comments and questions. Finally, the researchers would like to thank Patty Watson of the Villager newspaper for reporting on the effort and providing notices of community meetings.

The researchers wish to make note that it was most unfortunate that the Rockingham County Board of Supervisors and Great Eastern Resorts chose not to constructively contribute to the study, this despite being offered the chance to do so by the researchers.