Town Incorporation of Massanutten

3.6 – Frequently Asked Questions

An interim report on the feasibility of incorporating Massanutten into a town was published on a website in August 2010. It was available for review and comment for roughly nine (9) months prior to the start of final reporting. During that review period, the author received numerous questions about town incorporation. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) were answered and placed on the website. Some FAQs have been incorporated into the text of this final report. Other FAQs applicable to this section of the report are noted as follows for completeness of reporting:

FAQ: If Massanutten incorporated into a town, what would happen to our Lifetime Memberships for ski, golf, and the clubs? That is a huge benefit of living here and owning those memberships. The annual fee for that allows us to participate in activities at a very affordable price for our family.

Answer: Town incorporation would not affect any Lifetime Memberships which are purchased from Great Eastern Resorts to use at the amenities which they own. These are private contracts which are not affected by the form of local government.

FAQ: If Massanutten incorporated into a town, what would happen to the MPOA discounts for skiing and golfing and the MPOA free access to Le Club during the summer months?

Answer: These agreements are between Great Eastern Resorts and MPOA. MPOA will continue to exist after an incorporation of Massanutten to fulfill MPOA’s obligations under Massanutten Village Subdivision Covenants. Therefore, nothing should change regarding MPOA discounts for and free access by MPOA members to Great Eastern Resorts’ amenities.

FAQ: If Massanutten incorporated into a town, what would happen to the timeshare units?

Answer: Timeshare units are properties deeded to individuals — town incorporation would not change that. Massanutten Village timeshares are members of MPOA. Woodstone Meadows timeshares are members of their own POA. If Massanutten incorporated into a town, these timeshare units would continue to be a part of their respective POAs. The Massanutten Village timeshare units may pay less in MPOA fees due to financial benefits of incorporation that will be detailed in later sections of this report.

FAQ: What would be the relationship between an incorporated town of Massanutten and Great Eastern Resorts?

Answer: Great Eastern Resorts (GER) and MPOA have enjoyed a good working relationship for the past twenty-five (25) years. It is likely that a similar relationship will exist between GER and an incorporated town of Massanutten. It is well understood that the overall prosperity of the Massanutten community depends in part on the business success of GER. Incorporated town officials will likely work closely with GER management to accomplish common goals in a more timely and efficient manner. It is likely that the town incorporation of Massanutten will provide more visibility to the community considering there has not been a town incorporated in VA for more than 20 years.

FAQ: Where would the commercial/business areas be located in an incorporated town of Massanutten?

Answer: Currently, Rockingham County has designated four (4) areas as commercial/business districts that are within the boundaries of an incorporated town of Massanutten. The first area is in the Massanutten Village Kettle Area which is designated as R-4 «Village Center». This area currently has businesses such as the Ski Lodge, General Store, Hotel & Conference Center, MPOA Mini-Golf and Go-Kart Track, Fareways Restaurant, Le Club Activity Center, and the Mountain Greens Golf Course. The second area is in Woodstone Meadows which is designated R-5 «Village Center». This area currently has businesses such as the Executive Golf Course, Recreation Center, General Store, and the Golf Pro Shop. The third area is Village Festival which is designated as a Planned Commercial Development (PCD). This area currently has the Great Eastern Waterpark with more resort amenities and hotels planned. The fourth area is Massanutten Station which is also designated as a PCD. This area is located at Routes 33 and 644 (Resort Drive) and has been approved by the County Supervisors, but development has yet to be initiated. This area will include shopping and residences. Any other town areas for commercial/business activities must be designated by a Town Planning Commission in the Town Comprehensive Plan. Then, the areas would be rezoned by the Town Council. Similarly, the County could rezone any properties for business activity at any time just as they have done many times in the past (town incorporation is not required).