Town Incorporation of Massanutten

3.4 – Incorporated Town of Massanutten Details

Establishing boundaries for an incorporated town of Massanutten allows a full feasibility analysis to be undertaken to include the scope of essential services and budget. Using the incorporation boundaries, the individual town properties can be first identified along with their individual assessed real estate value and land area. The values and areas for roughly 1,800 properties within the town boundaries were obtained from Rockingham County. They can be totaled to provide an incorporated town summary in the following table. The summation found an incorporated town of roughly 7,800 acres (or 12.2 square miles) of land with nearly $677 million of assessed real estate value, of which more than $662 million are taxable.

Type of Town Properties Real Estate Values Land Area (acres)
Suburban Residential Properties $259,781,400 1,007
Timeshare Properties $231,664,700 261
Agricultural Properties $8,023,600 1,101
Forrestal Properties $12,660,900 4,279
Commercial — Industrial Properties $150,106,800 637
Exempt Properties $14,458,200 518
Town Totals $676,695,600 7,802

It should be noted that the real estate information obtained from Rockingham County is readily available to the public on the Rockingham County, Virginia - iGIS. The information not only includes total assessed real estate values and land area for each property, it also includes a breakdown of the assessed values for the land and improvements (buildings) as well as the zoning designation, land use, land owners, and a description of the property. This not only allows the breakdown given in the table above, but also allows partial breakdowns of information. For example, a breakdown of assessed real estate values and land area for Massanutten Village alone is given in the following table.

Massanutten Village Properties Real Estate Values Land Area (acres)
Single Family Dwellings $233,894,200 420
Duplex & Townhouse Dwellings $6,104,800 2
Apartment & Condominium Dwellings $781,600 3
Timeshare Dwellings $163,075,900 169
Village Center $31,679,300 280
Open Space $12,290,500 646
Massanutten Village West Area $11,488,400 3,614
Massanutten Village Totals $459,314,700 5,135