Town Incorporation of Massanutten

3.3 – Incorporated Town of Massanutten Map

As discussed, the town incorporation boundaries of Massanutten could be an integration of the boundaries of the Massanutten Village Master Plan and MPSC service area plus the notional Massanutten growth areas from the McGaheysville Area Plan. This integration is shown in the map below.

Town Of Massanutten
Town Of Massanutten.

Those areas on the map shown shaded in blue represent the areas of Massanutten Village Master Plan. Those areas on the map shaded in red and purple represent the additional areas found in the MPSC Service Area — note that the MPSC service area also includes all of Massanutten Village (shaded in blue). The areas on the map shaded in yellow largely represent the notional growth areas found in the McGaheysville Area Plan. Some individual properties were added to the notional growth areas (in yellow) that expand to natural boundaries formed by roads and include any land directly adjacent to town roads. Also, ten (10) properties were added on the southern town boundary surrounding the current endpoint of McGahey Lane. These properties are not planned, pursuant to the McGaheysville Area Plan, to be served by the County or MPSC water and sewerage. But, they provide an important future access point into the town from Route 33 via McGahey Lane (intersecting Route 33 near McGaheysville Elementary School) which could be extended to intersect with Massanutten Drive. The future access point will also provide a future town business area that may include such things as a post office, bank, restaurants, and office buildings for patronage by residents and visitors. The two properties shaded in purple, although designated for MPSC service, were not determined to be candidates for town incorporation due to their remote location and their difficulties due to steep geographical elevation changes. The future access point properties could be included in the incorporation boundaries in lieu of these properties shaded in purple which would remain in control of Rockingham County.

Given these considerations, town incorporation boundaries of Massanutten might look like what is shown in the following map. The areas shaded in white represent properties within the incorporated town and the areas shaded in green represent the George Washington National Forest. Such an incorporated town of Massanutten could be a tangible, real place that focuses civic pride and community identity on a legally defined area.

Town Of Massanutten Boundaries
Town Of Massanutten Boundaries.

Please take note that these are the hypothetical (not proposed) incorporation boundaries of a town of Massanutten. The boundaries have been deemed necessary to analyze the feasibility of incorporating the Massanutten community into a town. For the remainder of the report, the hypothetical town will often be referred to as the «town» — this reference is for the purposes of the feasibility analysis and the report.

It should also be noted that the most of land encompassed within the incorporated town boundaries have been surveyed for the purposes of master planning as required by the Rockingham County Zoning Ordinance. This includes Massanutten Village, Woodstone Meadows, Village Festival, and Massanutten Station. These surveys could reduce costs for platting as part of incorporation (as discussed in SECTION II. Town Incorporation in Virginia).