Town Incorporation of Massanutten

7.4 – Comparison of Localities - Government

Towns in Rockingham County have various levels of staffing that often depend on the various services offered beyond those of the services required by the VA Code of Law. Most towns are lead by a Mayor, Vice Mayor, and a Town Council made up of five (5) members. A comparison of town staffing and leadership make up is shown in the table below. The table includes a comparison with the Massanutten Property Owners Association (MPOA) and a possible incorporated town of Massanutten. Please take notice of the relatively large leadership make-up of the MPOA Board in comparison to the towns. It should also be noted that the varying levels of part time staffing for the various entities is largely dependent on the number, if any, of seasonal recreational activities offered such as a community swimming pool. The estimates made for an incorporated town of Massanutten considered services required by the VA Code of Law plus optional services of law enforcement, maintenance of all qualifying town roads, and the operation and maintenance of all town parks — this is the T4 alternative delineated in Subsection 7.3 above and does not include any town recreational facilities (thus, requiring no part time employees).

Virginia Locality Geverning Body Full Time
Part Time
Town of Bridgewater 1 Mayor + 1 Vice Mayor + 5 Council Members 51 17 68
Town of Broadway 1 Mayor + 1 Vice Mayor + 5 Council Members 16 19 35
Town of Dayton 1 Mayor + 6 Council Members 18 4 22
Town of Elkton 1 Mayor + 1 Vice Mayor + 5 Council Members 34 47 81
Town of Grottoes 1 Mayor + 6 Council Members 19 22 41
Town of Timberville 1 Mayor + 6 Council Members 11 10 21
Massanutten (CDP) 1 President + 12 Directors 31 39 70
*Town of Massanutten* *1 Mayor + 6 Council Members* *28* *0* *28*

* Asterisks (*) represent estimates for an incorporated town of Massanutten — T4 Alternative