Town Incorporation of Massanutten

5.5 – Frequently Asked Questions

An interim report on the feasibility of incorporating Massanutten into a town was published on a website in August 2010. It was available for review and comment for roughly nine (9) months prior to the start of final reporting. During that review period, the author received numerous questions about town incorporation. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) were answered and placed on the website. Some FAQs have been incorporated into the text of this final report. Other FAQs applicable to this section of the report are noted as follows for completeness of reporting:

FAQ: If Massanutten incorporated into a town, would the gate attendant window at the Police Station still be utilized?

Answer: If MPOA turned over all of its private roads to an incorporated town of Massanutten, Massanutten Village roads would be opened to the public. Therefore, the current physical security gate arm would be removed and there would be no security basis for Town Gate Attendants. The town might use the window at the Police Station to assist visitors — however, this was not included in the feasibility study. Incorporated town officials may decide differently or it is possible that Great Eastern could staff the window to assist visitors to find amenities.

FAQ: I hope an incorporated town of Massanutten will have a well trained mountain forest fire team. The VA Division of Forestry has no jurisdiction in an incorporated town. If it incorporated, there is potential for a real disaster in Massanutten.

Answer: This is not true and is a baseless scare tactic. Currently, the Rockingham County Fire and Rescue Department has jurisdiction over the area that makes up the Massanutten Community. In the event of any large fire or similar disaster in Massanutten, Rockingham County has jurisdiction and teams from other jurisdictions, even some outside the Commonwealth of Virginia, would work together to save lives and properties. There are no jurisdictional lines drawn when it comes to saving lives and properties. If Massanutten were to incorporate into a town, there would be no change in jurisdictional authority. An incorporated town of Massanutten would not provide its own fire and rescue services. These services would continue to be provided by Rockingham County (already paid for by citizens) and by County volunteer fire fighters and emergency rescuers (just as towns continue to use county schools for town students). It is important to note that no town in Rockingham County has its own fire and rescue services. And, jurisdictional authority is retained by Rockingham County.