Town Incorporation of Massanutten

6.1 – MPOA Parks and Recreation

The Massanutten Property Owners Association (MPOA) owns and operates parks and recreational facilities in Massanutten Village for the exclusive use of its members as well as commercial ventures open to the public that generate revenues to help pay for essential services (e.g. law enforcement and road maintenance.) The commercial ventures include Miniature Golf, Go-Kart Race Track and Euro Bungee Dome.

The parks and recreational facilities owned and operated by MPOA include:

Massanutten, Virginia The MPOA Miniature Golf was constructed in 2001 and currently generates roughly $210,000 annually in net revenues that helps defray the costs MPOA of essential services. There are two (2) distinct courses of eighteen (18) championship caliber holes in a landscape setting featuring five waterfalls. The Miniature Golf sits on one acre of land that is fully lighted, fenced in, and includes a 150 square foot building for an attendant and equipment. The Miniature Golf is staffed by three (3) part time employees.

Massanutten, Virginia The MPOA Go-Kart Race Track was constructed in 2006 and currently generates roughly $170,000 annually in net revenues that helps defray the costs MPOA of essential services. The concrete track is roughly eight hundred (800) feet long and is fully lighted. The Race Track has a three thousand (3,000) square foot building for attendants and equipment including twenty-four (24) electric cars. The Go-Kart Track is staffed by nine (9) part time employees.

Massanutten, Virginia The MPOA Euro Bungee Dome was constructed in 2011 and is expected to generate roughly $80,000 annually in income that will help to defray the costs MPOA of essential services. The geodesic shaped covered dome is fifty (50) feet round and thirty-two (32) tall sitting on a 3,000 square foot concrete pad with lights for nighttime operations. Riders are attached to bungee cords fixed to the dome allowing them to jump assisted by four (4) trampolines. The Euro Bungee Dome is staffed by ten (10) part time employees.

Massanutten, Virginia The MPOA Community Pool Area was built in 1973 and is for exclusive use by property owners and their guests. The pool holds 150,000 gallons of water and includes a filtration system with a heater. The pool area includes a 3,000 square foot building with changing rooms and a snack bar that is available to the public. The area also includes four (4) lighted tennis courts. The pool is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day staffed with seventeen (17) part time employees. The tennis courts are open year-round.

Massanutten, Virginia The MPOA Hopkins Park and Rockingham Springs Arboretum is a general recreation area that sits on roughly 15 acres of land adjacent to the main gate of Massanutten Village. The area features a stocked fishing pond, playground equipment, ball field, outdoor grills, picnic tables, and covered pavilion. The area also features a 1,500 square foot historic hunting lodge erected in 1960 with timbers from a Shenandoah Valley home originally built in 1800. Weekly art shows in the cabin and free concerts on the lawn next to the cabin are held over the summer months to support the Rockingham Spring Arboretum. The Arboretum is devoted to native plants of the Massanutten area and includes walking paths bordering a stream with benches and bridges. The cabin and picnic areas are sometimes rented by MPOA for various public functions. The MPOA Hopkins Park and the Rockingham Springs Arboretum are not currently staffed.

It should also be noted that MPOA also owns many open areas for biking and hiking to include right-of-ways along side all its Massanutten Village roads.