Town Incorporation of Massanutten

Hypothetical Town Boundaries for Massanutten

A Town of Massanutten, if incorporated, should include the planned residential districts of Massanutten Village and Woodstone Meadows, as well as the planned commercial districts of Village Festival and Massanutten Station. What is often referred to as «Massanutten» includes all of these County master planned districts with a population of both citizens and visitors, who travel between districts, often on daily basis. It was determined that the logical boundaries for an incorporated town of Massanutten could be those which coincide with the service area boundaries of the Massanutten Public Service Corporation (MPSC). MPSC provides water and sewerage service, exclusively to the Massanutten community, and the service area boundaries are controlled by the VA State Corporation Commission and recognized by Rockingham County. The boundaries include all of Massanutten Village, Woodstone Meadows, Village Festival, and Massanutten Station. Also, an incorporated town of Massanutten could include expansion areas, as designated in the County Comprehensive Plan. The hypothetical boundaries for an incorporated town of Massanutten are shown below. Section III. The Community of Massanutten, Virginia of the Final Report discusses the hypothetical boundaries of an incorporated town of Massanutten in greater detail.

Town Of Massanutten Boundaries
Town Of Massanutten Boundaries.

The hypothetical town of Massanutten includes a total of 7,802 acres, or nearly 12.2 square miles, with roughly 2,700 housing units and real estate values assessed to be worth almost $677 million. The hypothetical town has an estimated population of 2,400 permanent residents to include more than 300 students attending public schools. There would be several thousand more overnight inhabitants when considering the roughly 1,200 timeshare housing units in the town where tourists stay, often on a weekly basis.